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Solving the Bring-Your-Own-Device Challenge


Sophie Vu, Sr. Director of Marketing

This week, we hosted a joint Webinar with Gartner on how IT organizations and business managers can address the widespread Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) phenomenon.

Led by our VP of Strategy, Sam Lakkundi, alongside Gartner...

Yahoo � the �Mobile First� Approach

Sri Ramanathan - Kony - headshot - blog

By, Sri Ramanathan, CTO

With the mobile market more important than ever, Yahoo�s recent statement about adopting a �mobile first� approach is a strategic and potentially lucrative move. At the same time however, the company discontinued ten of its mobile apps that had failed to attract...

Are you taking unnecessary gambles with your mobile strategy?

Sri Ramanathan - Kony - headshot - blog

By Sri Ramanathan, CTO

For many, the rate of innovation in the mobile market is as much a blessing as it is a curse. With a constant stream of emerging devices and technologies � namely HTML5, NFC, and the iPhone 4S � organizations that lack appropriate infrastructure investments are often left playing catch-up when it comes to delivering a comprehensive mobile strategy.


FStech Awards names Kony-built application suite �Best Use of Mobile� finalist


By Sophie Vu, Sr. Director of Marketing

I am pleased to announce that the Kony-built MoneYou Mobile Banking Suite has been named a finalist in the FStech Awards 2012 �Best Use of Mobile� category.

The FStech Awards are amongst the most prestigious financial technology accolades...

HTML5 � what does the future hold?

Sri Ramanathan - Kony - headshot - blog

By Sri Ramanathan, CTO

I recently hosted a joint webinar with Michael J King, Research Director at Gartner on the very-hot topic of HTML5 vs. Native Mobile Apps, during which we discussed the advantages of utilizing HTML5 in the development of mobile apps, the challenges it may pose,...

The never-ending story of mobile app growth


Bjorn Hildahl, Vice President, Product Management

Back in September, we blogged about the breakneck speed of mobile growth across the globe and how, from ownership figures to usage amounts to the value of the market itself, the mobile market was booming faster than ever.

A few key pieces of research released recently have clearly revealed that the mobile...

Platform wars � the next level of fragmentation

David Eads

David Eads, VP of Product Marketing

Late last week, various figures on consumer mobile device adoption were released, all clearly showing that the once-dominant Apple platform has lost its seemingly unbreakable hold on the mobile market in the third quarter of 2011. Samsung overtook Apple�s device sales with a 44...

How to avoid future mobile headaches � lessons from iOS 5

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Sri Ramanathan, Chief Technology Officer

Since its launch, there have been countless stories documenting the update and interoperability issues surrounding Apple�s iOS 5. This latest update represents significant changes to the previous Apple operating system, posing a challenge for...

Do Your Health Customers Know What to Expect?

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Michael Plumb, Director of Strategic Services

In my last post, Can Mobile Help Healthcare? I discussed how important expectations, experience, and efficiency are to U.S. consumers. In this post, we�ll look into how mobile can help you set reasonable expectations for your customers.

Should They?

I had breakfast with a friend...

The Legacy of Innovation

Sri Ramanathan, CTO

As tech gurus around the world pay their respects to Steve Jobs following his unfortunate death last week, the mobile industry is left wondering about the future. Without a doubt, as one of the world�s most amazing innovators, there are not only questions about what route...